You Call it…We Call it Caregiving

Episode 3 April 07, 2021 00:29:50
You Call it…We Call it Caregiving
Advocates in Action
You Call it…We Call it Caregiving

Apr 07 2021 | 00:29:50


Show Notes

You call it taking your grandmother to the doctor, but Bea Rector and her team at the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services help people understand they are actually caregivers, and provide them with the resources they need to fulfill that role. Bea talks about her state's program to give caregivers access to services ranging from transportation and housework to acupuncture. She also discusses the work they do to measure the impact of these services and their economic as well as human benefits. Bea's able to infuse her own experiences as a caregiver for her parents and in-laws into her work to help others at the highest level.

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