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Have you ever felt intimidated, confused, or overwhelmed when trying to navigate the health care system? In those moments it can be hard to advocate for yourself and those you care about. Join our host Ashley Danyel Freeman as she speaks with patients, providers and caregivers who have found the strength to advocate for equitable access to affordable quality health care. Advocates in Action is created by the National Patient Advocate Foundation, a non-profit with the objective of prioritizing the patient voice to achieve person-centered care. We are dedicated to amplifying the powerful stories of individuals and the collective needs of various communities across the country.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Addressing Social Needs to Achieve Health Equity

    In this episode, Rebecca Kirch, Executive Vice President of Policy and Programs for the National Patient Advocate Foundation, describes the important role social and financial needs navigation services contribute to advancing health equity. All people should have the ability to determine their health decisions based on what’s best ...


  2. How Patient Advocate Foundation Provides Hope

    Brooke Flores has worked for Patient Advocate Foundation for three years helping clients find solutions one case at a time. Her area of expertise is in helping patients with appeals and denials. During Covid-19 she served a patient, Joe Sweeny and helped him navigate the reduction of a $175,000 medical ...


  3. Helping Patients Find Comfort at End of Life

    End of life care can be uncomfortable but there are many support systems in place to help patients and their loved ones navigate that unique time. James Johnson, a social worker at Multicare Home Health and Hospice in Tacoma, Washington shares how he empowers ...


  4. The Heart of Case Management

    Jacqueline Beard has worked for Patient Advocate Foundation for 18 years helping clients find solutions one case at a time. Her area of expertise is in helping patients expedite their disability claims but as you listen you’ll realize that her work has creative nuances. A patient might call in about ...


  5. Navigating our Complex Health Care System

    This year, Patient Advocate Foundation is celebrating 25 years of providing service to people facing serious illnesses. In this podcast, our CEO Alan Balch talks about the work we do and why it is so important. He highlights the extraordinary contributions that ...