How Two Moms Became Greater Together

Episode 5 October 07, 2020 00:26:05
How Two Moms Became Greater Together
Advocates in Action
How Two Moms Became Greater Together

Oct 07 2020 | 00:26:05


Show Notes

Finding appropriate treatment and support for a child with a rare disease is difficult in any circumstances, but it can be extremely challenging in rural Alaska. Specialists are few and far between and travel often involves hundreds of miles and long plane rides. Greta and Mary Middleton first crossed paths as they attempted to find good care for their children with special needs. They now work together to empower other families, locate and access good care and implement policies that address the complex problems they face.

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Learn more about Stone Soup Group and the ways they support families in Alaska.

If you are located outside of Alaska and are looking for family to family support, please visit Family Voices and Parent Center Hub.

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