People Helping People in the Vulnerable Face of Mortality

Episode 4 September 23, 2020 00:20:42
People Helping People in the Vulnerable Face of Mortality
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People Helping People in the Vulnerable Face of Mortality

Sep 23 2020 | 00:20:42


Show Notes

Michael Fratkin’s commitment to palliative care began with an important lesson his grandfather taught him when he was a boy. Today, he heads Resolution Care, bringing end of life care to rural communities in Northern, California. Fratkin talks about his commitment to caring for “people not patients,” and the need for a holistic approach to providing the highest level of palliative care to seriously ill people and their families. He is also a leader in telehealth, which has proved to be a very effective tool for reaching his patients in widely separated communities.

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Learn more about Resolution Care and their innovative approach using telehealth.

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