Embracing Telemedicine to Keep Georgia Connected & Cared For

Episode 8 January 27, 2021 00:26:38
Embracing Telemedicine to Keep Georgia Connected & Cared For
Advocates in Action
Embracing Telemedicine to Keep Georgia Connected & Cared For

Jan 27 2021 | 00:26:38


Show Notes

How can organizations within a state collaborate to ensure that their patients can access the care they need? By leveraging telemedicine and utilizing statewide partnerships that share the common goal of health equity for all. Listen as Suleima Salgado, the Director of Telemedicine for the Georgia Department of Public Health shares some of the best practices her team has used to keep patients and providers connected virtually across all 159 counties. Suleima and her colleagues exemplify the power a state can have when multiple entities work together to overcome access barriers to get patients access to care they deserve. 


Watch a Video about Georgia's Telemedicine Network

Read More Georgia's Office of Telehealth & Telemedicine

Learn About Telemedicine in Your State: National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers

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