The Highest Goal of Health Equity is for Us to Be Fully Ourselves

Episode 5 November 03, 2022 00:22:15
The Highest Goal of Health Equity is for Us to Be  Fully Ourselves
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The Highest Goal of Health Equity is for Us to Be Fully Ourselves

Nov 03 2022 | 00:22:15


Show Notes

Everything that happens in your life affects your ability to be healthy, to be well, and to be yourself. It's integral to connect clinical experiences to lived experiences happening outside of the doctor's office- in our communities, families, and neighborhoods. Kellan Baker reminds us that patients are experts in themselves and should be respected as partners in their healthcare journey. Listen as he shares with us the highest goal of health equity is to be fully ourselves. It makes it possible for everyone to be who they are and receive quality and equitable care based on their individual needs defined by their identities, bodies, and circumstances in life. Kellan challenges us to see all the possibilities available when all people have access to benefits, protections, and resources that allow us to be our healthiest.


This season is brought to you in collaboration with ZERO- The End of Prostate Cancer (ZERO). This builds upon the Promoting Health Equity in Cancer Care: A Virtual Workshop hosted by The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) which was co-chaired by Gwen Darien of NPAF and Reggie Tucker-Seeley of ZERO.


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