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Have you ever felt intimidated, confused, or overwhelmed when trying to navigate the health care system? In those moments it can be hard to advocate for yourself and those you care about. Join our host Ashley Danyel Freeman as she speaks with patients, providers and caregivers who have found the strength to advocate for equitable access to affordable quality health care. Advocates in Action is created by the National Patient Advocate Foundation, a non-profit with the objective of prioritizing the patient voice to achieve person-centered care. We are dedicated to amplifying the powerful stories of individuals and the collective needs of various communities across the country.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. How Two Moms Became Greater Together

    Finding appropriate treatment and support for a child with a rare disease is difficult in any circumstances, but it can be extremely challenging in rural Alaska. Specialists are few and far between and travel often involves hundreds of miles and long plane rides. Greta and Mary Middleton first crossed paths ...


  2. People Helping People in the Vulnerable Face of Mortality

    Michael Fratkin’s commitment to palliative care began with an important lesson his grandfather taught him when he was a boy. Today, he heads Resolution Care, bringing end of life care to rural communities in Northern, California. Fratkin talks about his commitment to caring for “people not patients,” and the need ...


  3. The Domino Effect of One Person Making a Difference

    Jessica Jones has faced a chronic illness most of her life, but that didn’t prepare her for her son’s rare heart disease. Becky Barnes lost her sister to lymphoma and has had more than her share of health problems. Both women have transformed their own experience into commitments to help ...


  4. The 8-Hour Journey to Receive the Care She Deserves

    Beth Madison wasn’t surprised when she heard the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. Her family had a strong history of this potentially crippling condition. She was, however, determined to carry on with her life and career as a science professor. She soon learned that her local doctors were unable to provide ...


  5. Welcome to Advocates in Action by the National Patient Advocate Foundation

    Welcome to Advocates in Action, a podcast created by the National Patient Advocate Foundation, a non-profit that develops initiatives promoting equitable access to affordable quality health care through policy action and partnerships. Our primary objective is to prioritize the patient voice in health system delivery reform to achieve person-centered care. ...