The 8-Hour Journey to Receive the Care She Deserves

Episode 2 August 26, 2020 00:20:19
The 8-Hour Journey to Receive the Care She Deserves
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The 8-Hour Journey to Receive the Care She Deserves

Show Notes

Beth Madison wasn’t surprised when she heard the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. Her family had a strong history of this potentially crippling condition. She was, however, determined to carry on with her life and career as a science professor. She soon learned that her local doctors were unable to provide the advanced, aggressive treatment she needs, Instead of settling for those limited options, Beth used her skills to locate a practice able to give her the care she requires, and regularly makes the eight hour journey to Alabama and back to her rural home in Jackson, Tennessee, Beth also sees her illness as an opportunity to dig deeper into herself and find her reserves of courage, hope and faith.

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Beth volunteers for Global Healthy Living Foundation. Learn about their support program for patients.

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